How meaningful is the mileage?

The mileage of the car, what does it say? What is a lot? What must be considered? It is a main feature when buying a used car.

The mileage of a car, what is a lot and which criteria must be considered? The mileage naturally influences the sales price.

How many miles does a car drive per year?

As a rule of thumb, you can assume that a privately owned car drives about 10,000 to 15,000 kilometres per year. Small cars and city runabouts often drive less, and long-distance vehicles (middle class and up) often drive more. But even if the seller can credibly prove a low mileage (service booklet!), this does not necessarily say much about the condition of the vehicle.

How meaningful is the mileage

How and where was the car driven?

Company cars in particular often come onto the used car market at a young age with alarming mileage. 50,000 kilometres and more per year are not uncommon. As a rule of thumb: If the kilometres were driven on the motorway while driving carefully, the wear and tear is much less than if the distance was driven in the gruelling taxi city traffic. But even with private cars, the driving style determines the technical condition: frequent trailer operation puts a strain on the clutch, heavy loads on the shock absorbers, and anyone who disengages the clutch 200 metres before the traffic lights or drives with little foresight uses up the brake pads more quickly. Factors that are admittedly difficult for the buyer to understand.

Caution when buying a company car

Company cars are seldom treated as gently as their own car, and even if 200,000 kilometres were driven at 100 km/h on the motorway: the wear and tear on and around the driver’s seat is obvious. It is not uncommon for the driver’s seat of a company car to be replaced. On the credit side, there is always a long-distance suitable equipment (cruise control, often also navigation system) as well as exactly kept service intervals. With company cars, you can certainly find a good deal.

Prove mileage

In any case, the mileage of a used car should be verifiable. Backbone of the documentation is a complete service booklet, also stickers in the car and on the engine compartment (next oil change at …, toothed belt change at … etc.) help. In appraisal is a law amendment, according to which the mileage of a vehicle must be entered into a database during the $57a appraisal – an effective blow against speedo cheats.

What else can be checked?

The optical condition of the vehicle should also match the mileage: Have the seats been sat through? The steering wheel worn out? The paint dull and scratched? Especially soft paint surfaces around the window regulators look quickly worn and old.