The True Essence of the ECO Mode in Writing

The ECO Driving Mode optimizes the car’s properties to achieve fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly driving. Use this driving mode to save fuel and reduce the impact on the environment.

The following properties are modified to adopt an Eco pipe:

The shift points of the gearbox.

Engine management and the response of the accelerator pedal.

The Eco Coast freewheel function is activated and the engine brake stops when the accelerator pedal is released and the speed is between 65 and 140 km / h (40 and 87 mph) .

Some climate control settings operate at reduced efficiency or are disabled.

The level control function lowers the ground clearance to reduce the resistance of the air.

The driver screen displays information on an Eco meter that encourages eco-driving and economy.

Select ECO mode

Car eco mode is disabled when the engine is stopped. It should therefore be reactivated at the next start. The driver display indicates ECO when the function is activated.

  • Press the DRIVE MODE control.
  • A pop-up menu appears on the center screen.
  • Roll the wheel up or down until you select the desired driving mode.
  • Press the driving mode control or directly on the touch screen to confirm your choice.
  • In the Central Screen Functions View

Cars without driving mode control have a function button with ECO Driving Mode in the Central Display Functions view.

Press the button to activate the function. A light on the button illuminates when the function is activated.

Eco Coast Freewheel Function

The Eco Coast freewheel function means in practice that the engine brake is deactivated, which means that the kinetic energy of the car is used to lengthen distances. When the driver releases the accelerator pedal the gearbox is automatically disengaged from the engine whose engine speed drops to idle to reduce fuel consumption.

The function is more effective when it is possible to drive a long coasting: on a slightly downhill road or for a slowdown in a speed limit zone for example.

Activate the freewheel function

The function is activated when the accelerator pedal is fully released with the following conditions:

  • ECO driving mode is activated.
  • Selector position velocity D.
  • The speed is between 65 and 140 km / h (40 and 87 mph).
  • The slope of the roadway is not more than 6%.
  • The driver display shows COASTING when the freewheel function is used.


In certain situations, you may want to disable or stop the function to use the engine brake. Examples of such situations are steep descents or just before overtaking, in order to be able to do it as safely as possible.

To disable the freewheel function:

Operate the accelerator or brake pedal.

Place the gear selector in the manual position.

Pass the reports with the paddles steering wheel.

If the driving is not economical, in case of sudden braking or a powerful acceleration for example, the counter indicates a high value. The eco stand for in a car. The Eco meter also indicates how a reference conductor would lead in the same situation. This information is indicated by a “diamond” on the meter.